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Messi thank melon handsome let the state to sublimate

In order to prepare for the friendly against Brazil on Sunday, messi has now arrived in the United States with the Argentina team, came to New York later, la gazzetta dello sport first time found messi and analyses the interview. Messi talked about during Barcelona present and future, and also to josep guardiola and beera's watts had their say.
Messi is in rijkaard times out "the world, into josep guardiola era is a change to world class player after macy think, if not josep guardiola take cultivation, he would be unable to get this day like this achievement.
"Josep guardiola let me grow up to be a player, especially in tactics, he let I did it ever had never done, but will also explain to me why can do it, I think, this is his credit." With the tone of the grateful massey said.
And about an early goodbye to the josep guardiola, messi then appears very depressed, he didn't think pelosi is at unexpectedly in such a way to leave the nou camp. "For us, it was a very tough week, we defeat at real Madrid, and then in the champions league, followed by he has left for us.... The blows is hard to bear."
Although the muggle handsome leave feel SOB, but still choose to look forward Lionel messi, he hopes to pull in Barcelona than's watts of led to continue under continued success. "Pull's watts than with a totally different character, and I hope he can charge for a long time, because it means Barcelona everything will be great."

Thursday, 7-Jun-2012 03:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Valencia new handsome: who joined Barcelona are shame ...

Spain local time this Tuesday (5 days), Valencia club official announcement, former exploits defender Pellegrino become a first-team incumbent commander in chief. At the press conference, the Argentina nationality young released Haoyan, he believed that Valencia future with Real Madrid, Barcelona spread out in the round of game.
PeiLaiGeLiNuo said: "next season we will further defend our style, and continue to insist on offense is given priority to, we is an attacking team. Valencia will and real Madrid and Barcelona competition." Then PeiLaiGeLiNuo and said, with rafa benitez at Liverpool to his work with that experience in this new post a success.
"All of the people in my life experiences has certain influence, all the time since I can with rafa benitez had felt very fortunate to work with, I learned a lot from him things that I have personally thanking him. But, I'm not benitez, I is another man, I have my experience."
PeiLaiGeLiNuo players age has long effect valencia, but also with the team won la liga and the final, nowadays to coach to rejoin the mestalla, PeiLaiGeLiNuo sighs: "I'm very happy to come here, in fact, when I came here and very happy, this can let me recall players in the work here time experience, but now has entered a new stage, I'm sure, we will be together for a top team and hard work."
If you want to keep the super competitive valencia, the excellent players were competitors to avoid pieces, went to a bit more specific said that is, bat legion need to ensure that this summer main left-back aerba refused to move into the Barcelona and left-behind mestalla, and in PeiLaiGeLiNuo opinion, aerba the best choice is to stay on.
To emphasize that a move into the Barcelona is not worth anyone yearning, even at PeiLaiGeLiNuo against Barcelona, he said: "join Barcelona is football of shame. Of course, we have to face the reality, confirmed and also very clear the club then, but on the other hand, although are faced with a difficult economic situation, but we also have to make sure the team and the club remain competitive, early in the years before he has proved it is of great importance.

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Finally, the countermeasures of water to the baby

Finally, the countermeasures of baby drink water to 1. Don't let the baby early contact excitant taste

The baby taste buds are in fast development period, in the distribution of the tongue than adult more widely, taste more sensitive, more rich, tender and delicate taste buds cells on taste is very sensitive to changes. Early contact excitant taste can lead to taste buds unresponsive, will be buried for the future not drink water and a fussy hidden trouble, but also to the health of adult life.

For example, in daily life, mothers for baby when filling calcium, some parents choose the sweet and sour taste of calcium supplements, although the baby looks is acceptable temporarily, but early contact excitant taste but to the development of taste buds caused serious influence, therefore, parents should choose not to take taste stimulate of, and breast milk close evaporated milk taste of calcium products is the mother's first choice.

2. Water and baby to play the game

You can look for two small cup, in two small cup on the same water, a glass to the baby, a cup to yourself, and then and baby play "cheers" game.

3. Parents is an example

Any habit of the training, the role of parents are all very important. You in drinking, wanted to come to the baby come before, meanwhile make exaggeration to action, cause his attention. An example is the power!!!!! Not any "waste" the habit at every moment.

4. Encourage strategy

Many said that "baby good lovely, drink water is not thirsty!" "Drink water more children will be good boy!" And so on, in order to be praise and baby will cooperate with the requirements of the parents.

Thursday, 31-May-2012 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The melon from Barcelona before the handsome act out the most im

The local time on May 29, josep guardiola to Barcelona training base packed his things, dream three boss formal and red blues group waved goodbye. May 30,, josep guardiola to Barcelona museum he left behind a parting gift. Josep guardiola will 2011 year FIFA best coach trophy, donate the barca museum!

In the four years at Barcelona, josep guardiola greatly small took many individual awards. 2011 annual award for the best coach FIFA, obviously, is one of the heaviest components. Way the award is issued by FIFA, and secondly PingXuanZhe is national team coach, captain and world famous sports journalist, the value of the award is very high. In 2009, josep guardiola although led six champions Barcelona become king, but FIFA haven't started selection the award. In 2011, with three team become dream guardiola five trophies, and got the life so far block 1 best coach FIFA award.

2011 annual FIFA best coach trophies, no but the embodiment of the successful josep guardiola, but he and beera's watts of friendship crystallization. At the ceremony, guardiola has deep feeling of thanks to his assistant: "I heart should put this award to pull tile, he's than is my friends, colleagues and assistant. Although he didn't come today, but our hearts together forever."

In before leave Barcelona, josep guardiola will this in the life most important trophies free donated to the Barcelona museum, pelosi to the blues at red group's love is obvious. Any in the nou camp, josep guardiola really should be "a wisp, don't take one clouds" verse.

Monday, 21-May-2012 14:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Roger federer: I don't have to lose sad family life always first

Although loss to djokovic stop Rome stood semi-finals, but federer and didn't have the slightest frustration, but said finally can have a good rest, to share with family happy moments, in fee heavenly king view, family life had supreme status.
Roger federer to stand in Madrid champions, they conceded to Rome to stand, although rolled all the way kill the semi-finals, but in the same small's win in body but because tired and attention levels fall misfired, a total of 42 times in errors, and failure in the expectation of Roger federer also within the truth in the heart after he won't even know take two stood champions.
Although with back-to-back champions pass by, but federer is still the title this season most times player, four titles including in Indian Wells and Madrid two stood ATP1000 champions.
Roger federer said: "lose the game did not influence my good mood, and for me in such a way that the game is actually very glad to say goodbye to, I am really tired, breathing the tennis every day, this can finally take a rest well, prepare for Roland garros."
Roger federer said he is eager to return to the family life, "my two children very lively, see their feet in cheap gucci shoes grow day by day, I was very happy, and for me that life is good, this is in the life most happy moments, no matter what happened all can't change. I am willing to coax the child to sleep, but in the past two weeks to attend an evening game, it can do, and this is why I lose the game still glad to reason, I am all right, there's no need for me down."

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